Where I Hold Space

Intuitive energy healing, grounded in mystic connection and a seeker of spiritual truths.

My passion is helping you discover your innate gifts, connection to spirit & supporting your own journey.

I love integrating science and spirit to facilitate and connect to your inner wisdom's natural ability to heal.

My knowledge and experience comes from a lifetime involvement in metaphysics and working in the profession of nursing for 15 years from newborn to geriatric, energetic medicine and massage therapy.


With listening hands, a sacred space and energetic intent, I bring a calming, insightful and compassionate energy to each treatment. Sometimes validation, being seen and heard for where you've been and where your at today calms the nervous system and offers you the ability to trust, gain clarity and enhance your healing.

I'm dedicated to support individuals through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions.


#4 609 Centre Street SE High River, AB Canada

Chelsea Burnett LPN RMT